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it's not the first time a student was caught with marijuana in anne arundel county. >> but it may be the first time that student is a first grader, just six years old. >> police say the marijuana amounted to less than a gram but even a trace of the substance draws concern when it's found in a first grader's backpack. they are some of the youngest of the more than 78,000 students. but parents are already trying to steer them away from drugs. >> i have to be involved in my baby's situation because i want to stay away from that kind of stuff. >> reporter: imagine the surprise when a third grader discovered some of that kind of stuff while checking a student's homework. >> we had a 6-year-old hop went to school -- who went to school and the teacher found marijuana in the child's backpack.
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it was just a small amount but the teacher then reported it to the office and the police were contacted. >> it didn't take long for investigators to determine that the young girl wasn't to blame for the substance. >> school officials don't believe that the child had any idea that the substance was in her bag or she brought it to school. >> that left an obvious place to turn, the child's home where they found an obvious suspect. >> they talked to the child's mother and she had two warrants for her arrest. she was arrested for that. the investigation into the marijuana is ongoing. >> the 2-year-old mother -- 22-year-old motherad warrants for outstanding marijuana paraphernalia. we're not reporting her name, to pretext her young daughter's identity. >> we have a story we delivered to you on
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a baltimore county firefighter fell through the floor battling a fire. if happened in the 7000 block of bologna avenue. they tried to get the fire under control from inside. >> one firefighter from station 11 fell through the floor. we have a procedure for those types of emergencies and we call that a may day. >> luckily, the firefighter was able to get herself out. they are trying to figure out what started the fire but it caused extensive damage. two dozen families were forced out of their apartment after a fear broke out in odenton. >> reporter: people who live in the seven oaks village in odenton can't believe how fast it happened. >> the frames were -- flames were so high i could see heat
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from the building. >> the fire became too intense. the building conditions deteriorated. the firefighters were evacuated from the building. >> it was on fire. >> reporter: jacqueline and her daughter were at the movies sunday afternoon. today they are trying to figure out what to do next. >> we start over again. >> reporter: as devastating as this was, there was some good to come from the fire. >> might seem like a tragedy but it shows the outloving support -- outpouring of love and support. we'll press on. we'll be all right. >> fire officials estimate the damage to be about a million dollars. >> we're also tracking an update involving the tim moan --
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timonium pled spa. it's associated with the chain. the department's spokeswoman said the claim is being investigated. health departments in pennsylvania, delaware and our state are looking into potential illnesses associated with monarch after with people came down with an invasive infection. one of them died. >> showers across the shannon doe na valley reaching into the entire southeastern coast. right now winds picking up out of the south, breezy day. clouds thickening out. a big area of low pressure over the tennessee valley will bring the rain big time. the rest of the evening, a few showers. we're looking at a wet commute by tomorrow morning. we'll talk about when the system
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blows out and what comes behind it. >> health experts have been studying the effects of television on kids now, but a new study shows that children don't have to be watching tv to be affected by it. the findings show children are exposed to much more tv than people think. children eight and older are, posed to nearly four hours of tv a day in their background. even when they're not plopped down in front of it, it's getting through. >> you learn from that, osmosis, even if it's pack ground noise, it's impresenting oner that mind. >> it can take their focus away from problem solving, even being able to communicate. this is a hot topic. we want to know what you think. just head to
5:06 pm all right. pinch yourself. splash some cold water. the orioles are heading to the playoffs for the first time in 15 years. it wasn't until the rangers pete angels that the orioles failed. right now the team is in tampa getting ready to take on the rays. chris shaffer will have a live report in 24 minutes. now that it's worn in we know many of you want to wear it out. the push for playoff garb is being felt. >> it's been a long time that you could by anything orioles with the post season mlb logo on it. baltimore has been in labor for
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15 years, but last night charm city finally gave birth to a playoff. >> as soon as i get lunch, i'm going to the ballpark. the shirts could have been $100 and i still would have bought it. >> reporter: it's been a tough few years. getting lost in the passion for his hometown team a breeder from life outside the two white lines. >> baseball got me through a whole lot of things, deployment. i lost my wife recently and baseball really, the orioles baseball really got me through a lot. this means so much. >> especially after so long. it's something they want to fuel in the coming days waiting for his playoff orioles order to arrive. >> this is our first experience with the playoffs.
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we figure it's been quite awhile. >> this is post season. >> reporter: he predered just about every combination of shirt or otherwise, a month ago, a financial and risky bet but one the small business own are knew then and new could pay off. >> there are so many different scenarios. i'm trying to stay out of a mental institution. we're up all night trying to figure it out. so it's quite a bit. >> reporter: but it's worth it. >> we love. it we love the fans. >> repter: so here is the mlb licensed playoff shirt that you can by. the orioles team stores have these with hats but many others like poor boys should get their order in tomorrow. >> hold that up. that is a beautiful shirt.
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>> i was wearing around the newsroom. >> we saw you. >> they have this one and the gray one. and they have caps. they'll have more. hoodies are ordered and all sorts of stuff. >> brian kuebler, the model. >> whether it's game night or not, we want to be your destination for all the latest orioles news. just head to you can upload your score. >> october. >> before we get to the playoffs, the orioles and with three games left to go we're on the road with the birds. >> new moms, listen to this. you bet are stock in on your diapers. we could be in for a diaper shortage. >> and tonight the fine folks from the university of maryland
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medical center are taking your phone calls concerning breast cancer. you'll hear from a doctor and we'll find out more. think pink. >> starting october 1st. we'll be right back. krystal conwell : we see a lot of problems with the...
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number of students that we have. resources. materials. things that the children need... on a day-to-day basis. anncr: question seven will help. the department of legislative services says question seven... will mean hundreds of millions of dollars... for schools...from gaming revenues that would have... gone to other states. and independent audits will guarantee the money... goes where it's supposed to. krystal conwell: i think people should vote for question...
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seven because i think it will be a great benefit to children.
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abc2 is working on the latest efforts to battle the disease. we're trying to get the questions answered. it's on your screen. 410-481-2222. we have people standing by to answer your questions. i'm joined by dr. steven. thank you for joining us, doctor. over the past 10 years have we seen an increase or decrease in the number of breast cancer
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cases. >> in the past 10 years we've seen steady decline at the rate of 2% per year. prior to that it was a steady increase, but, still, this year we expect 230,000 women in the united states to be diagnosed with breast cancer and about 40,000 will die from it. >> and it affects so many people. it's a disease that really hits home and we try to bring more attention to it during the month of october. what should you do if you see something suspicious prior to or in between your mammogram. >> if something is identified on a breast exam, usually we recommend an imaging to help characterize it and help to guide further treatment. if something is identified on a
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mammogram or potentially an ultrasound, usually the patient at that point will undergo a biopsy. depending on what the findings are they will be referred to a surgeon. >> we can all imagine how overwhelming this would be. tell mow about the multidisciplinary approach at the cancer center. >> the multidisciplinary approach means there's a team of physicians and other healthcare providers who are working together -- surgeons, radiation doctors, nurses, to provide coordinated care to a breast cancer patient. at the university we have a whole team of physicians who work together. we have a multidisciplinary board and we review the breast cancer cases. we can develop a plan of care for each patient. >> all right.
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you'll stick with us throughout the hour. what we want to do is remind you to get your questions answered. we're going to have the 20th annual maryland komen race for the cure sunday october 21st. for more information about the race and the link, just head to pink. we'll have more coming up in minutes. let me tell you, two ravens games in cincinnati with the purple gear. we won both games. a few showers south and west. this will be the beginning of the change coming our way. i hope you enjoy the sunshine
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sunday and early this monday. the clouds are already rolling in. you see the clouds coked. 69 degrees. 6:49. as we look east, clouds rolling in. laurel. you can see clouds increasing. at kent island, what a beautiful start and clouds thickening up. temperatures now upper 60s, low the eastern shore. cooler in the mountains west, 55 toward the cumberland area. winds have been breezy disci as we get this -- breezy as we get this. down through west virginia and the north carolina border we have more significant rain
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already coming in. show you the future trend now. this will be a slow change toward the more active pattern into the night and especially into part of the day tomorrow. our future trend model does not pick up a tremendous amount of steady rain but hit and miss showers. it looks like things will dry out as we move into your wednesday, especially the second half of the day on wednesday. here's the setup. large area of low pressure. you see the rain coming down. the moisture is coming out of the gulf of mexico, all moving in our direction. so it's a fall system that could bring a decent amount of rain. show you a look at the big picture. area of low pressure on the move to the east. the warm frontal boundary will push our temperatures up as we go into wednesday and early thursday and drier sunnier conditions as well will wrap in to end the week and we look for
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more change in weather by the end of the weekend. capping it all up. tonight 5. mostly cloudy, scattered showers. maybe some thunderstorms, too and tomorrow night it will taper off the showers late in the evening. maybe a lingering shower wednesday morning. weather moves in. it will be beautiful thursday and friday with lots of fall sunshine. as we look into your weekend forecast, it does look like a front comes in dry. that will mean breezy, cooler conditions. take a look at columbus day, out of the low 60s. so a little bit of everything, so i feel like these warmer days in the 80s are death more and more -- getting more and more numbered. >> 20-degree drop.
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for several decades, things have been happening at the mount washington pediatric hospital. a new faculty member is help people recover. >> reporter: mount washington pediatric hospital has a new member of their staff. >> really been an as oat to the treatment -- asset to the treatment team. as worked with children who may be reluctant to participate in therapies. it hasllowed the children to participate and help in their healing process. >> reporter: that 17-year-old is playing catch with yuba. he broke his pelvis in a car
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accident. he's been rehabbing for nine weeks. yuba has been with him three weeks. >> yuba relaxes you. you're doing therapy and sometimes the dog helps you get your mind off the actual workout. >> got friends to play with. >> reporter: yuba completed a year long training process learning 60 different commands while providing assistance to a pediatric team of therapists. >> every therapist, i hear the same thing. i haven't been able to get this kid to do this. with the dog there, it helps to relax them. i notice their motivation to complete their therapies. it's a new excitement for them. >> it's about making their lives
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less stressful and having yuba here, well, it's the smiles that count. manny locke. >> yuba is a full-time faculty dog and will be putting a lot of smiles on president kids. a 72-year-old man had no choice. caught in a fire, he felt his only way out was to jump. you'll talk about him hitting the ground. we'll take you over to japan where you'll see a typhoon in action. it turned this town upside down.
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doctor, what should you look for in terms of finding a hospital. >> it's important to have a multidisciplinary team. i think it's important to have breast cancer specialists. pale whose primary focus is breast cancer. even more important than that may be for a patient to feel comfortable with their treating team because frequently this a long journey for the patient. they're going to be treated sometimes for eight to nine months. >> thank you. you're here until 6:30. give us a call on your screen.
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a man jumps from a burning building in new york. his apartment was on fire and the won't way to get out was to jump. he jumped three stories below into the arms of good samaritans. eye couldn't hold on no more. >> he suffered only a bruised heel. dramatic video out of japan. a typhoon knocked around a trash can in okinawa. it brought winds of almost 100 miles an hour. almost 50 people were hurt. chris shaffer is standing by live for us in tampa with the o's. >> we're going to take you to florida next to see how the orioles will improve their playoff standings. >> a new study tells us to make
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sure our teenagers are getting proper rest. >> and arnold can keep a secret. he didn't tell his wife he was running for grrchlt you'll hear from arnold next. >> when we come back, we'll talk about the change in the weather you'll see through your tuesday and the rest of the week.
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a person of interest is being questioned in a stabbing. a student was stabbed at heritage high. there was some type of argument between two students and one of them ended up getting stabbed in the upper body. he was taken to the hospital in stable condition. >> a teacher in anne arundel county got quite a surprise while working the homework. the teacher found less than a gram

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